Marcus H. Harjani

Leading Legal Industry Technologist and Evangelist


Product Development Experience

Marcus has been an evangelist of legal industry technology for over a decade. A strong believer in the power of technology, Marcus has spoken to newly admitted lawyers about the future of the legal industry, and has written about technology increasing access to legal services. He began his legal career by developing with IBM Watson and Microsoft Cognitive Services to create self-help for individuals without access to legal services.

Further, Marcus is currently working with legal aid lawyers to develop intuitive, empathetic, and automated technologies to increase access to legal services. On any given day, 80% (or more) of individuals in need of legal services don't have access to a lawyer. By automating tasks, aggregating and analyzing data, and predicting the need for legal services, Marcus hopes to make a dent in this very important problem.

Business and Legal Experience

Marcus established a technology-enabled legal practice with a focus on high-growth entrepreneurship in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Without compromising quality, the firm explored lowering prices to the consumer by automating processes and unbundling legal services.

Marcus also consulted on retail food and beverage industry strategy, analyzing and implementing technology-based process improvements to increase profitability. Prior to consulting Marcus worked on the legal and business affairs of a technology incubator in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park, the largest and leading high-technology research science park in North America. Marcus has also worked in corporate finance where he assisted acquisition efforts for a digital media holding company.

Prior to counseling entrepreneurs, Marcus worked on some of the greatest challenges facing the underrepresented. Marcus worked with California Rural Legal Assistance to provide eviction defense for low-income individuals and conduct fair-housing policy research for large proposed real estate development projects. In Port-au-Prince, he contributed to alleviating human rights abuses of displaced individuals by supporting rule of law and constitutional protection efforts with the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti. He spent several years with Habitat for Humanity where he aided with housing construction in Oakland, post-Katrina New Orleans, and rural Ghana. Marcus also worked with the International Rescue Committee to relocate conflict refugees to the San Francisco Bay Area.


Marcus completed a BA from the University of California, at Berkeley in Philosophy, a JD from the University of San Francisco, and an LLM from Duke Law School.

As part of coding self-education using CodeAcademy, Marcus has completed seven skills (Ruby, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Python, and Making an Interactive Website). In addition, he has earned over 1,207 points and earned 116 badges. Further, Marcus has completed dozens of challenges on HackerRank in SQL, Python, Algorithms, Data Structures, C++, and more.

Marcus has participated in several hackathons and Startup Weekends. Most notably, his team won third place in the first Los Angeles Chatbot Hackathon and he participated in the Los Angeles Debug Politics Hackathon.